Rot Away with Wednesday 13s “NECROPHAZErz” Necro-Fan Club

“THANKS to everyone that’s already signed up and became a NECROPHAZER! Right Now I’m At 64 members. I need to get that up to 100 or more…

The way this COVID-19 is going unfortunately our year of touring is looking dim. I’m hoping for the best, but my gut feeling is every band is going to be out of work for the rest of the year. We have to find new ways to communicate, interact, perform and create for you the Fans.

This is only way I know how to start in a quarantined house arrest world. I have kept the membership monthly subscriptions affordable. I hope you will join me on my quarantined adventures”

– Wednesday 13

Rot Away with Wednesday 13s “NECROPHAZErz” Necro-Fan Club Patre0n page


Monthly subscriptions starting at -$3-$15-$20:
Affordable, with lots of extra Spook From The Duke that you won’t get here.

By becoming a NECROPHAZER, you get to enter the mouth of madness and behind the mask of Wednesday 13 the Duke Of Spook:

  • Immediate access to the PRIVATE Necro-Fans @Necrophazerz1313 Instagram page. This page will differ from the other @MrMotherfucker13 page. Featuring personal photos, videos from Wednesday 13s history & current events NOT posted on other Wednesday 13 social media sites. Plus Non music related posts.-Toys, Horror and 80s nostalgia.
  • 1 first time Thank You/Condolences personal Instagram video message from Wednesday 13 + “Welcoming You to The Strange.”
  • See Live Story -Commentary + Q&A sessions communicating with fellow Necrophazers via Instagram uploaded daily, weekly, monthly on the Necrophazerz1313 page.
  • Plus Access to exclusive Patreon posts and “Necrophazerz Newsletter”.
  • Become a Necrophazer of the Week with your pic posted on the Necrophazerz Private page and the official MrMotherfucker13 Instagram page. Necrophazer picked weekly by Wednesday 13.